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NOTE: When you are at the doctor's office, make sure and request a stool test and  REPORT YOUR FOOD POISONING TO THE LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  Documenting the type of pathogen and reporting food poisoning enables the health authorities to locate the source of the outbreak and prevent further injury to people in your community and across the nation.  Also, you may want see about preserving your legal rights to recover medical expenses, lost work and other damages by speaking to a food poisoning lawyer.  A case of food poisoning is like getting hit by an automobile - the driver of the negligent vehicle (in this case, those responsible for the food you ate) will often have an insurance policy to cover situations just like this one.  In fact, in most states, there are requirements on insurance policies for many individuals and businesses.  For this reason, most food borne illness claims can be settled without filing a lawsuit, though the filing of a food poisoning lawsuit is often necessary to attain a full recovery.

Anytime you get sick from food poisoning, knowing If you are the only one, or if you are a part of a larger outbreak, is important.  If you are uncertain if you are part of a larger food borne illness outbreak, speaking to a food poisoning lawyer can help.   There are a number of national and regional recalls in place any anytime, and there are also local and state health agencies who tack the occurrence of food poisoning.  Knowing how to determine if your illness is part of a larger outbreak is vital to being able to prove the origin of your illness - if more than one person becomes ill from ingesting a particular product, that product should be tested and the company notified of a potential outbreak.  This is what the local and state health agencies attempt to do, in coordination with the CDC, the FDA, the USDA, and FSIS.   You may be entitled to file a food poisoning lawsuit, or at least filing a claim with the insurance agency, in you can find out where you acquired food poisoning.  It is possible you can be compensated for your illness, and even more importantly, you can help state and local agencies make sure that more people are not sickened and prevent it from happening again.  A food poisoning lawyer may help you decide if a food poisoning lawsuit is right for you and to walk you through the process of filing a food poisoning lawsuit or claim.

Keep in mind 
Food Poisoning Statute of Limitations for each of the 50 states determine how much time you have to file a claim!

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Filing a food Poisoning Lawsuit: 

By Food Poisoning Lawyer Dr. Tony Coveny

The filing of a food poisoning lawsuit requires several things, but should be of secondary concern.  The primary concern should always be seeking proper medical attention when necessary, and reporting food poisoning to local health officials to help them prevent the further spread of salmonella, e. coli, listeria or one of the other pathogens. 

First, a person needs to have ingested a food borne or otherwise communicable pathogen.  Common food poisoning lawsuits include salmonella lawsuits, listeria lawsuits, legionnaires lawsuits, e. coli lawsuits, or lawsuits for Vibrio, scombroid or ciguatera.  

Second:  Causation must be proven through either an epidemiological match or a trace-back investigation.  This includes establishing the source of the contaminated food, whether it be a single restaurant, imported food, or widely distributed food or food ingredient. 

Third:  A food poisoning lawsuit complaint needs to be drafted and filed in the proper venue and jurisdiction within the proper statute of limitations.   This may mean filing in a federal court, or a state court that is implicated as the home of the defendant, the place of the injury, or where part of the transaction took place.  Numerous options often exist, and care should be taken in determining where to file such a lawsuit.

Fourth:  Often, media attention may result from filing a food poisoning lawsuit.  This may be helpful in pressuring the company or organization to engage in corrective action immediately.

Fifth:  After filing a food poisoning lawsuit, the parties will need to engage in discovery and other steps to litigation.  There is a strong chance that the case will settle without trial.  For more information about filing a food poisoning lawsuit, call or text 281-851-9343.

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Millions of food Poisoning are reported every year. The two key aspects in a food poisoning lawsuit are establishing the source and establishing the extent of illness.  Both require experience to get it right - including knowing the industry and the medical indications for each type of food pathogen.